Hotels and Hospitality

Looking for  ready to go snacks to offer to your guest rooms mini bar? We have what you need.

Ready to go snacks with cacao nibs (sweetened with coconut sugar). Our cacao nibs clusters come in pre-packaged or in bulk packaging. We also offer private labeling options for some of our products.

Sweet Cacao nibs

Sweet Cacao Nibs with Almonds

Sweet Cacao Nibs with Cashew

Sweet Cacao Nibs with Coffee

Sweet Cacao Nibs with Goji Berries

Sweet Creamy Cacao Nibs


We can also offer Organic Cacao Ingredients for your desert and food recipes.

Organic Cacao Powder

Organic Cacao Butter

Organic Cacao Paste / Liquor

Organic Cacao Nibs